I'm EmmaLee. Nice to meet you :)

You've stumbled on a girl whose guiding principle is the complete rejection of the mundane, the everyday, the monotonous florescent glare that buries the raw human spirit. My whole life I've been pulled to escape that. I want adventure. I crave it.   What I'm drawn to most of all is the unfiltered experience of real human connection--body and soul. To get lost in a conversation about music, psychology, travel (and on and on). I love a mind that zigs and zags--that I can watch and delight in and learn from. I want that conversation that ends with every nerve of my flesh humming.  


Yet it’s also true that, in some ways, I’m a very normal girl. You might see me exploring the city or tossing a ball with my dog. We could smile and walk past each other, the memory of the encounter dissolving with time. But if it ended with that, you’d never know the kind of devilish mind that lay behind the pretty face.  

Think just how rare it is to gaze into another person’s eyes and feel your whole being awaken, like a light just went on. I want that. Do you? If I feel a connection with you, you’ll see my special talent for making your secret, innermost thoughts a living reality. My ripe curves and wicked tongue can demolish the divide between the dream-world and the waking-world. I’ll be your guide to the other side.


Yours Truly,

EmmaLee Riley